Botanical Formulations specialises in creating innovative natural and sustainable skincare, hair care and body care products.  We love to use botanical extracts, butters, oils and waxes as well as the most current and novel active ingredients on the market.  Botanical Formulations can also help with EU compliance in particular. Rebeccca Wright, the botanical formulator, has brought her own natural and organic skincare brand to market and as such is experienced in the complexities of European law.  You can find out more about our custom natural skincare expertise here...


If you are an experienced formulator with your own range of products already on the market you might be interested in tried and tested OFF THE SHELF formulae.  These are natural products that can be adapted to your specific needs and are perfect for people who are not quite at the stage to invest in costly custom formulation's.  Our OFF THE SHELF formulae will be coming soon to the site!


I regularly journal projects that i am working on as well as write articles about the cosmetic industry.  I love to talk about formulating and the fascinating world of cosmetic science.  You can find out more on my blog here...